Did you know? (Issue 2)

In this article I introduce to you the second issue of a long planned series of facts that you probably have not heard of before. Enjoy!

1. Swordfish.


This is a baby swordfish. Swordfish typically grow about 14 inches per year, but a tiny baby like this might grow to 39 inches before its first birthday.

2. It’s a guitar!!


There is a guitar shaped forest in Argentina. The 7000 trees were planted by a farmer in 1979 as a tribute to his late wife. He has never been able to see it himself from above because he is terrified of flying. How ironic!

3. Mushrooms are not only food.

Mushrooms can be made into bricks that are strong enough for building structures. They are solid, lightweight, biodegradable, made with agricultural waste and producing them does note create any carbon emission.

4. The Hand of God.


This unedited photo of a strange cloud over Madeira island in Portugal has been dubbed “The Hand of God“. Meteorologists say it is not an uncommon formation, but this one was enhanced by the light of the rising sun in addition to a really good timing.

5. Japan at it again!


There is a Japanese town that looks like a Swedish town, sells Swedish folk crafts and celebrates Swedish traditions. Sweden Hills, located on Hokkaido island, hosts Swedish festivals throughout the year and is popular with tourists.

6. Are you afraid of SPIDERS?!!

image (1)

You can overcome your arachnophobia by cuddling spiders at the London Zoo. The friendly spider program is a 4-hour session designed to help those whose fear of spiders significantly impacts their life.

7. Sunset Candles.


A new type of candles called “Sunset Candles” that lived up to its name by evolving through five different colors and scents as it slowly melts away.



Did you like these facts? Stay tuned for more awesome topics..



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